It began as things often do, in darkness.

Little existed save an impending blackness of nothing, surrounded on all sides by only a similar sea of the empty. Perhaps, one could have said it was a sea full of things that were lacking.

Though empty it did not always remain, for there can never truly be nothing without something in the first place.

So from the dark, a light was born.

A light so pure, all nearby shadows were abandoned at once.

Before long this light grew to take a shape not unlike what would come to be known as man.

Though, it was not the same.

The light’s body was ever changing, moving in smoke as though restless where human flesh was not. It was tall, with sunken eyes not quite like anything else. This being of smoke with his heart of light, the first of everything, was known commonly as Annu.

Though Annu did not wish to exist alone, so he sought to create beings in his likeness. Ones he could offer his joy and music to down on the land that lay below. Humans were the products of such thoughts, and before long, they were flourishing.

Though not as Annu intended.

It was soon obvious they did not respect the nature of their world as he had hoped they would. Instead, they had taken to exploiting it for tools of unnatural means. Technology to reign with power of their own.

They eventually sought the power of Annu’s light.

So Annu told them he would help. He spread his arms and called on them to listen as he would create beings of another kind. Beings to help them see the importance of their world.

But the Humans did not take such news peacefully. Jealousy was something of their nature Annu had not expected. They quickly grew fearful, and angry, thinking their maker was coming to undo what he had made first. That these new beings intended to help, were coming to replace instead.

So they attacked.

Furiously, maliciously. Without mercy and without thought, they hunted their maker in fear.

Though Annu was mighty, he had not accounted for such rage. With the technology they had built, the Humans destroyed their maker, piercing his shield of smoke through to the light underneath.

They had destroyed the first of everything.

Annu’s once pure light shrivelled and discoloured as it shattered and spread across the land, leaving small parts of his existence everywhere. Very powerful shards.

His body, what remained, was left frozen and abandoned like the darkness that had once also been alone.

And so time has passed.

There are some that say he could be saved, there are some that even quote a forlorn prophecy, though words alone are idle things indeed.

– Skyler Hammond

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