To have the sole purpose of aiding a race that sought to end your own was a hard thing for the Fairies of Ethoas to endure so soon after given life. Like the Humans, the Fairies were of their creators own mind. Beings that, like him, held nature in a place above all others. Though their entrance into the world was not yet meant to be when it happened. Human jealousy and anger had seen to the end of their mutual creator, and the premature birth of a species not yet entirely ready for the world.

Born into unwanted violence, the Fairies were soon forced to flee into the woods to save themselves from utter extinction. Humans, fearing Annu, had sought to destroy any remnants of him that remained. And in their eyes, the Fairies were just that.

Though not all of the Fairies’ story is of sadness. After escaping the human barbarity and searching for refuge within the woods, their lives soon became the very lives their inventor had intended.

One with nature, the Fairies are a gentle race of beings. Thin and with hair of flowers, there are few even among the humans that can deny their beauty. The elite among them are powerful, and there is not one that doesn’t care for the lands they reside in.

Like their creator, they have the ability to speak with all other creations of life that walk Ethoas, as well as the elements themselves.

Within the race of Fairies there is a simple peace, yet there is also a simple understanding that certain things, no matter how ugly, need to be done.

– Skyler Hammond

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