Created by something they could not understand, Humans were born onto Ethoas with intentions as pure as their own. Though something the Human’s maker did not account for was emotion. Something that brought ruin.

Though the humans were not intentionally malicious. They were simple beings, prone to fear of something they could not bring their minds to comprehend.

Humans had been designed with the assumption they would love their surroundings equally as much as their creator did, but such an assumption could not have been more fatal.

Or wrong.

Humans did not despise the wild, though nor did they hold it in the same esteem as Annu. Where their maker saw peace, Humans saw opportunity.

And it was opportunity they acted upon with precision and cunning.

Where Humans had not the ability to empathize with nature, they certainly had the ability to sculpt things from their mind. Imagination was a force far stronger than any warning from Annu, and it soon saw to the creation of a great many devices.

Technology paved the way for an abundance of inspiring, yet equally terrifying things. With each new invention trumping the last, soon Humans found themselves living not only in awe, but also in fear. Fear of what they could do, and fear of what Annu would do having seen their own power.

And fear was a strong motivation indeed.

In attempt to reconcile with his creations, the creator sought to create another race to bridge the growing gap. Though through the fear the humans could not see good intention, only non-existent aggression.

And so with a technology they had derived from the natural world, they destroyed the very thing that had created them.

Humans are an emotional race, and often think with their hearts rather than their minds. A path, and trait, that has seen to both a great many wonders, and an equal amount of dooms.

– Skyler Hammond

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